Best Content Curation Sites List 2018- With New Updates

There’s so much information on the web that it can be difficult to find the most relevant to deliver to your audience. Content is the basic part of any online marketing strategy and most of the SEO strategies based on producing original content for improving the ranking of a website/blog. But if you want to establish as an authority in your industry, you need to make sure that you can deliver the latest and best news about relating to your industry. So, content curation is the technique to produce quality and informative content for your audience from already existing information on the web.

What is Content Curation in SEO?

Content curation is the term coined for the practice of sifting through the already existing content on the web and sharing it with your own audience. Content curation is different than content marketing in such a way here you share other content rather than your own with your target audience. This way you can build a trust in your audience, they will always come to you for their problems and will be more likely to share your original content as well. This will help you in improving your search engine ranking. If you want to make curated content for your target audience, you can take assistance the following Content Curation sites list to find the best tools for content curation.

Benefits of Content Curation

When you share other’s content with your audience, you are establishing yourself as an objective organization to which people can turn to for useful information. So, when they require any new information, they will first check out your website or service and if they find it useful, share it with others. Content curation has many benefits in SEO of your business site –

  1. You can build trust with your audience as an objective resource for finding useful information.
  2. Your target audience will reach out to you when they require information on other topics.
  3. It will help you get established as a leader in the industry and increase your brand presence.
  4. People are more likely to share your original content when you could deliver the high quality curated content they needed.
  5. When your content is shared with your audience, it will help you improve search engine rankings.
  6. If your content is of high quality, other sites may give reference to your website, improving SEO of your website.

Best Content Curation websites list

Now that you know the benefits of content curation for SEO of your website, its time you learn the list of best content curation sites that you can use for finding the right content for your content curation work.

  1. is one of the best free content curation sites that you can use to start curating new content for your audience. collects the relevant information from all over the web, according to specific topics, like industry researches, insights, trends, etc that are organized in libraries.

  1. Feedly

Feedly is among the best high DA content curation sites that allow you to curate blog content. Feedly is a good place to hunt for cool content, especially if you want to curate content around specific keywords, topics or domains, etc. You can find the hottest of topics in your industry and create original curated content using them.

  1. Quora

Quora is one of the best platforms to find information on various topics. People can ask information about some topics and the experts in the field will give the solutions to the problem. It is the best place to get effective information about any topic from the industry leaders.

  1. is among the best high DA content curation sites used by over 2.5 million marketers. It allows users to search for a relevant content based on a keyword and share it to your social channels or embed them to your webpage directly. It will also suggest you topics of your interests.

  1. Storify

In Storify, people can search, browse and create stories from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and curate content. You can either curate the content yourself or offer it to others for curation.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best content curation sites that keep you updated on the latest topics in your industry. It sends an alert every time a new content relating to your industry is published online. You can search for new content according to their specific topics and share it with others.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is a bookmarking site that lets you make a bookmark or pocket content that you find interesting and later use for curation. It displays you the list of the most pocketed content on the internet.

  1. Curata

Curata is an intelligent content curation tool that finds articles according to your interests. Curata goes through all the blogs throughout the web and tailor content list for you to go through and curate the best content for your specific industry. But unlike other sites, Curata isn’t free and you need to pay to avail its services.

  1. AllTop

AllTop is one of the oldest content curation sites and has been working in this field even when the word content curation was coined. It rounds up the content from the top blogs and publications across the web and is grouped together. You can use this group to find the topic most closely related to your subject to share.

  1. PublishThis

PublishThis is another one of the best content curation sites to create high-quality content and share it with your audience. You can also share the content that you produce using PublishThis to various platforms and applications. PublishThis relies on a powerful algorithm to find relevant content according to your audience and the sharing it. It isn’t free like other content curation sites, but its price isn’t made public. You can request a demo of PublishThis at their website.

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